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TRE carburetors dominate worldwide and are priced very competitively.

At TRE we know carbs! Every carb is built for the exact needs of the type of engine it will be installed on. From the flow characteristics of the individual carb, to the smallest details, all are carefully considered when we setup your carb. TRE has built carbs since 1988 and dynos new ideas weekly in house, constantly looking for more power.

When you get any of our carburetors, you do not get just a warmed-over unit with nothing more than a new gasket, with the burrs knocked off, instead get a real race carb made specifically for your application from TRE!

TRE has been perfecting our alcohol series of carbs with extensive dyno and R&D; work. We now offer and have a lineup of applications available for any engine size and in 4150 and 4500 series carbs.

You get the identical parts in our carbs that every TRE Race Engine receives!

Now available for any engine size and in 4150 and 4500 series carbs. Back to back test on SB ford, BB Chevy and SB chevy shows the best gasoline combo to be 20lbs of torque and 15 horsepower off from the new TRE Alcohol bad boys.

Comes with special billet metering blocks, billet boosters and billet throttle blades. TRE also carries the full line of billet fuel pumps and fuel logs.


Now available We offer TRE stage 1 upgrade on dominator carbs. includes, dye color, porting, billet blocks and billet boosters, gaskets, needle and seats $599.

TRE offers two distinct different carb packages. TRE carbs are used on Pro Stock racecars, Pro mod racecars, Top Sportsman and bracket racecars, marine applications -the list goes on and on!


TRE Pro HP Dominators all include the following: Ported, polished, tumbled and coated bodies. All Dominators come with quad lean out Billet TRE metering blocks, TRE billet boosters, External linkage with 4 selectable secondary speeds with no internal parts. Every carb is custom calibrated to each customers engine and style of racing.


TRE Pro 4150 Carbs all come complete with the following: Ported, polished, tumbled and coated main bodies. Billet baseplates, Billet annular boosters, TRE Custom billet metering blocks. External smooth linkage. Each carb is custom built for each customers engine and racing style. 4150 Carbs are available from 600-1000CFM.


For $1250 any CFM!! Large butterflies up to 2.125 same pricing, additional $200-$500 for 2.200, 2.250 or 2.300 butterflies.


Get a matched pair for $2395 today. 2.200, 2.250 and 2.300 butterflies extra $400-$1000 per pair.

Split your carbs! TRE will split your pair of dominator carbs for $1000. Price includes all labor to split carbs and install plates, machining and 4 anodized split plates!


TRE also offers a full line of Split Dominators with almost any size venturis with all the same great parts and pieces as standard TRE Dominators.


TRE's latest 4150 carbs, used by many Comp and Super Stock racers to dominate the competition all over the world. Bolt on power and ET with TRE 4150 HP carbs. Prices starting at $1395 each.

Additional TRE Carburetor Options!

TRE's 4150 carbs rock dirt and asphalt racing! Built from 750-950. TRE uses Braswell main bodies or our own HP Holley bodies machined and coated. Complete with billet base plates, billet blocks and boosters. This is the finest carb money can buy. Starting at $1395!


TRE Billet metering blocks! New now available after hundreds of dyno test and flow tests. TRE Billet metering blocks. Black anodized and fully calibrated. Comes standard on stage two carbs or TRE sells them for $89 each.

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