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The Shop

Our Shop

TRE uses all the tools at our disposal when dynoing our engines, from temperature controls to water and oil cooling for consistent test results.

TRE has invested greatly in the best in tools available today in order to provide the best products we can. From the latest addition our new Centroid 5 axis CNC machine for head porting and engine block machining.

We also use a high precision Sunnen VG-20 to do valve job on all our heads and diamond tooling for all our guide work. All heads are flowed on a Supeflow 1020 flow bench with swirl meter to make sure we get the most out of every part we work on.



Centroid 5 axis CNC machine allows us to provide the most accurate in machine cutting of any performance custom Intake, racing engine manufacturer today.

We can machine cylinder heads and engine blocks to incredible tolerances while maintaining amazing surface finishes all with one machine.

The accuracy, repeatability, allows us to provide our customers the most powerful race winnings engines on the market. The A560 XL: a new revolution in cylinder head porting and machining.

When it comes to our customers and their engines and racing components — only the best will do!

SuperFlow 1020 Pro Bench

SuperFlow 1020 Pro Bench

Sunnen VG-20

Sunnen VG-20

Engine Assembly

We have several engine assembly areas, where not only customer engines are assembled but we also do research and development work on our "in house" engines.

Dedicated Areas of the Shop

Other areas of the shop are dedicated to working with the large variety of cylinder heads we carry like: Brodix, Dart, Profiler, AFR, and CFE just to name a few.


  • Sunnen CH100 cam bore and line hone machine
  • Superflow SF1020 digital Probench
  • Ultrahone wrist pin fitting machine
  • Sunnen VR5005 Valve cutting machine
  • Berco Block deck & cylinder head deck cutting machine
  • Sunnen CV616 Cylinder honing machine
  • Bridgeport mills for all custom mill work
  • Sunnen VGS 20 Valve job machine
  • Hines Eliminator Crank Balancer
  • Miller tig welders
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