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Expert Assembly

Engine Assembly Engine Assembly


The expert engine assembly room at TRE always has engines lined up and waiting to be assembled before they hit the dyno.

At TRE every step of the process is carefully controlled, from the cleaning of all the parts going into an engine, to the precision measuring of components during the assembly process.

The TRE staff takes great care in assembling every engine, they treat it as if it is being built for their own use.

After assembly every engine is dynoed, checked over thoroughly and then crated for shipping. No step is skipped in the process of building your next TRE motor!

All completely assembled, dynoed and shipped to your door.

Engine Crating


An example of new TRE engine being crated for shipping. As you can see TRE can supply your new engine with custom built transmission, convertor, MSD ignition, Magnafuel fuel system, and just about any part to make your car build go smooth!



  • "5 axis cylinder head porting" All TRE heads are 100% 5 axis CNC ported!
  • TRE uses the finest porting machine in industry, the Centroid 5 axis system, with Mastercam software.
  • TRE offers lifter boring for most all types of engine blocks, with most any lifter size from .842-1.062. Standard or Jesel style bushings available.
  • All TRE heads are valve jobbed on an ultra–precision Sunnen VGS-20 machine, with proprietary 5 angle cutters.
Cam Tunnel Enlargement


Did you know that we can enlarge your camshaft tunnel so that you can put a much larger camshaft in your engine? Very few companies offer this valuable service. Give us a call to find out more about this service.

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